Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bye Bye Nancy.

Oh man. This is absolutely fantastic. John Boehner just got finished speaking about their new MAJORITY in the House. The fact that Republicans gained seats an election where the previously popular Obama is president made me happy enough. The fact that they attained the majority in the House, gained handfuls of Republican governors AND kicked Nancy Pelosi out of her seat is enough to make me hug a Democrat.

THANK YOU DEMOCRATS. Thank you for pushing your radical agenda so far that the entire country got so mad it voted you out of the House. We still do not have the Senate, however there is no telling what happens in 2012. If Senate, and even House, Democrats do not cooperate with the issues that Americans are concerned about and blindly follow President Obama, it is safe to say that they should be worried about their butts in two years.

Both parties keep talking about how they need to advocate for "bipartisan" solutions to our problems. This kills me. This race is about as polarized as you can get. The Democrats had the power and pushed agendas that no one agreed with. Now the Republicans have taken back the House and continue to talk about how they need to stop the outrageous spending and repeal Obamacare. Both parties have been running their campaigns on the fact that they know what's best for the country and the "other guy" doesn't. Where is this magical land of bipartisanship? And more importantly, how on EARTH do we get there?

Last night they had Ferraro and Palin on Fox (being the only two women in history to run for vice president). The anchors began asking them about how they felt about how the large numbers of women in these races were being treated by the press and political pundits. Palin of course backed the candidates she endorsed and even the way she was treated during her own race. The whole time she was speaking, Ferraro kept interjecting with, "oh, yeah I went through that too." Finally, when Ferraro was supposed to speak about women candidates being treated poorly she started harping on how Hillary Clinton was treated in 2008. Not one word about any women in this race. Again this is what bugs me about feminists in America. They should only be treated well when they are for the Democratic party. If they are Republican women....well...they can fend for themselves.  Palin's face was priceless while Ferraro was speaking. Check it out.