Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Countdown 'til Election Day....13 days to go!

This may just be the political nut in me (or maybe even the conservative), but this election has been one of the most exciting that I can remember since...well 2004. Unknown candidates, nail-bittingly close races and mud slinging from the left and right has had political pundits behaving like a bitch in heat. Dems are running scared from any mention of Pelosi, while the GOP has seen a revolution of female candidates. Is it me or did the Democrats used to be the party of the powerful female?

Michelle Malkin was on with Sean Hannity earlier tonight talking about Maureen Dowd's article about GOP women calling them the new "Mean Girls." I just LOVE that liberal women who are in positions of power or who are outspoken about their beliefs are hailed as the new feminists; whereas the Sarah Palin's, Christine O'Donnell's and Kristi Noem's of the world are pie baking, back-country living, unsophisticated, right-wing nut jobs.

Now folks, don't get me wrong. I may get passionate and riled up about politics, but I am fully aware of they types of tactics used by both parties and do not get offended easily. I actually enjoy this type of middle-school worthy vitriol.  You know the GOP is doing well when liberal columnists have boiled the female candidates down to the "populars" we all encountered when we were young. Perhaps Ms. Dowd herself was bullied in school....

But I digress. The Tea Party movement is a hot topic even those most ignorant about politics. I, myself, support the Tea Party movement. This is not only because I agree with most of their core principles; I am also enlivened by their enthusiasm, and even anger. This group, although cut down by the left, is impossible to ignore. Whether or not they will remain a viable political group in the future, or fade away, they have changed the history of this time. Simply the fact that these people have gotten together to oppose, and successfully so, unpopular policies and politicians on such a large scale says so much about the political stamina of this country.

I'm a nerd. I admit it. I do love this country and believe me, I get made fun of for it often.

If you are reading this and get a chance (although if you are reading this, then there is a huge chance that you already have), watch the episode of the View where Bill O'Reilly manages to make two of its hosts walk off set. I swear, O'Reilly is the only man who can make two such outspoken hosts such as Whoopi and Joy walk off the set of their own show, and do it with such composure (or at least the appearance of). Fox is practically running the clip on a loop. I will say that the political correctness in this country is out of control, and to me, the firs person in a political discussion that loses their temper, loses all hope of making a valid point.

I did not intend for this to be so long, but as my first post I suppose you will have to forgive me.

Stay tuned.

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